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The Dental Solutions of Little Rock Dental Membership Plan

At our dental office, we want to help ensure that all of our patients get the high-quality dental care they need. That’s why we are pleased to offer our dental membership plan.

What is a Dental Membership Plan?

Dental membership plans are dental care plans offered by practices directly to their patients. Patients pay a monthly or annual subscription to their dentist to obtain preventive care and discounts off other treatments. One of the greatest benefits of membership plans is they enable patients to get the oral care they need at an affordable price.

Why Should I Consider Enrolling?

In-house dental membership plans allow patients to obtain the comprehensive, affordable dental care they need to maintain their oral health without insurance hassles. The plans are simple, transparent and more affordable than insurance.

Is a Dental Membership Plan the Same as Insurance?

No, they are different. While insurance and dental membership can both make dental care more affordable, with insurance plans, you have to pay a premium. With our dental membership plan there are no deductibles or waiting periods, denials of claims or pre-approvals.

Who Can Benefit?

While all types of patients can benefit from our dental membership plan, it’s particularly ideal for the following:

  • Existing patients without insurance
  • Retirees that are losing dental benefits
  • Dormant patients that avoid visits because of cost or lack of coverage
  • Uninsured consumers that rarely visit the dentist

A membership plan gives these patients the ability to maintain regular dental visits and get the treatment they need. We offer plans for children, adults and those with periodontal disease. Choose the plan that is right for you and start saving on your dental care.

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Dental Solutions of Little Rock Dental Membership Plan