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Cosmetic Dentistry Little Rock AR

Beautiful smiling couplePerhaps your teeth are discolored, chipped or misshapen, and you’ve felt too self-conscious to smile. The cosmetic dentistry services at Dental Solutions of Little Rock can help you to achieve a beautiful smile that reflects confidence—confidence to make a great first impression during an upcoming job interview or to enhance your appearance at a big event such as a wedding or class reunion.

Cosmetic Bonding

If you have a gap between your two front teeth or have teeth that are chipped or cracked, this procedure can give you a natural-looking, more aesthetically pleasing smile. Dental bonding uses tooth-colored composite bonding material to repair or alter a tooth, including decay, damage, discoloration and more.

Porcelain veneers: Porcelain veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that cover the front of the tooth versus the entire tooth surface. More durable than bonding, they are used to transform smiles that involve the following:

  • Discolored and severely stained teeth
  • Crooked or widely spaced teeth
  • Broken, chipped, and worn enamel
  • Uneven edges

Crown Lengthening

Some people appear to have short teeth as they have excess gum tissue. With this procedure, we can lengthen the size of their tooth to make the teeth appear larger and longer.

Tooth Contouring

Are your teeth crooked, too long or jagged? If yes, consider tooth contouring. During this process, small sections of the tooth enamel on the affected tooth are polished off, and the tooth is modified into a more attractive shape, removing minor imperfections.

Your teeth are then better matched in size and shape, giving an improved overall appearance. In some cases, by removing only a small amount of tooth enamel we can enhance your smile and boost your self-esteem.

Teeth Whitening

If years of drinking coffee, tea or red wine have tarnished your teeth, teeth whitening can give you the megawatt smile of your dreams. We use the GLO Science™ Professional Dual Whitening system, which produces much better results than a drugstore brand. In less than an hour you can achieve whiter teeth safely and without any discomfort. Want to whiten from the convenience of home? We have an option for that: GLO WHITE to go professional teeth whitening kit.

Smile Makeovers

By using one or more of our cosmetic procedures, you can rejuvenate your smile. We can show you before and after photos of some of our other patients so you can see the dramatic and beautiful results you can expect.

If you’d like to achieve greater self-confidence that comes with a beautiful smile, contact our Little Rock practice today to schedule a consultation.

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