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Restorative Dentistry in Little Rock

Ederly man sitting on benchDental Solutions of Little Rock is proud to have served families and individuals in our community for more than 25 years. With our broad array of services, we can be sure to meet your needs in-house without referring you to another office. If your teeth have been damaged, you’re likely in need of some type of restorative dentistry. Our many solutions are as follows:

Tooth Fillings

Decay is a common oral health concern. When it occurs, a hole is created in the tooth called a cavity. If left untreated, you may get an infection and experience tooth loss. Our fillings will address your decay and repair your tooth.

Inlays and Onlays

If you have a damaged tooth but a filling isn’t enough, an inlay or onlay may be most appropriate. They’re custom-created in our laboratory and are more conservative than dental crowns.

Dental Bridges

People who are missing teeth want to restore their smile. You can easily do so with a dental bridge. This restoration fills the gap where you’re missing a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row.

Dental Crowns

A tooth can be compromised by decay, an accident or the passage of time. Once it’s lost some of its structure, it won’t be as strong as it was before. To give it greater stability, you can have a dental crown placed on top of the existing tooth.

Dental Implants

There’s no other option for tooth replacement like a dental implant. When you choose to have an implant, you’ll enjoy the full function and appearance of a natural tooth.


Are you tired of dentures that slide around or don’t feel as if they fit you properly? There’s a revolutionary way to address this problem with All-On-4. It combines denture implants with your dentures for a perfect fit.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Extensive damage may happen all at once during an accident. Or the years can add up, resulting in teeth that you feel like you want to hide. In such a case, we can do a full mouth rehabilitation that replaces missing teeth and addresses the damage, combining our services to benefit you.

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