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Pediatric Dentistry in Little Rock

Toddler brushing his teethDental Solutions of Little Rock provides the high-quality care every member of your family needs. We welcome adults and children alike. Dr. Monroe and our team particularly enjoys caring for children, teaching them healthy early habits and making sure they don’t develop dental fears. We’re your center for children’s dentistry in the Little Rock community.

There are a number of services we provide for children including examinations, cleanings, fissure sealants and fluoride treatments.


Your child has the best chance at great oral health by having their teeth and gums carefully monitored. We’ll start seeing them early in life and can note any areas of potential problems or provide them with the treatment they need promptly. Having regular dental examinations will lessen their risk of oral health issues and will ensure that they learn the right brushing and flossing techniques.

A routine cleaning is usually done in conjunction with your child’s regular examinations with our team. We’ll remove the buildup from their teeth using specialized instruments while making sure we keep them involved so that they enjoy the process. Then, their teeth are polished to a sparkling finish.

Though your children may make their best attempts at brushing and flossing, their back teeth can be difficult to clean. These teeth have deep pits and grooves where food particles can easily gather. A fissure sealant is a thin coating that provides greater protection for these vulnerable back teeth. It’s applied in minutes and can be completed at your child’s regular visits with us.

One of the most powerful weapons against tooth decay is fluoride. Found in most toothpastes and in many water supplies, fluoride will help your child prevent cavities and the inevitable fillings that cavities lead to. We can give them a fluoride treatment at their checkups that will provide them a measure of protection against decay.

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